Flow meters

TPS can provide a very large range of flow meters, from 200 L/h to 900,000 L/h for many types of fluids (AGO, MSP, Jet-A1, IK, HFO, water, lubricants, chemicals, powders…).

Through the companies it represents, TPS can offer a large range of technologies like Positive Displacement, Mass, Ultrasonic, Vortex or Coriolis flow meters.

Depots, Consumer Sites and Trucks

TPS is the agent in SATAM, a French manufacturer of positive displacement. Many depots are already installed with Satam flow meters and loading management systems (reports, authorizations, temperature compensation…) in Africa.

Satam meters are certified for custody transfer measurements of liquid petroleum products. Using different measuring principles, they are perfectly suited for the measurement of any refined liquid hydrocarbons and non corrosive chemicals.

Proven robust technology

The SATAM Positive Displacement meter (PD meter) is a system with freely-moving blades used to measure white petroleum products such as fuels, bio-fuels and refined liquid hydrocarbons. Its simple design using only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor means Satam PD meter is exceptionally robust and also generates significant savings on maintenance costs as the meter boasts outstanding metering accuracy and stability.

Sectors of application:

Oil depots: for product reception and loading stations for trucks, railcars and ships
Hydrocarbon transportation: distribution of fuel oil or fuel by road tanker
Aircraft refueling: aircraft dispensers and fuelling tankers
Army: depot supplies and loading of trucks
Transport companies: refueling locomotives, trucks and public transport coaches
Marine applications: ships refuelling
Mining sites: refuelling of trucks or site machinery

Key Points:

Reduced pressure loss: 0,3 to 0.5 bar at maximum flow rate
Low maintenance costs: simple and robust design with interchangeable mechanical components
Reliable measurements: accuracy and stability of measurements guaranteed over a period of many years
Modular design: wide range of accessories for performing customized measurement applications
Robust construction: flow meter manifold separated from measurement chamber to eliminate any possible influence of external mechanical stresses on measurement

Main technical data:

Volume accuracy : < 0.15% – Option < 0.1% – for measement range of 10 :1
Volume repeatability : ≤ 0.02%
csm_Satam_c22d1501bdwebsite: click here

Engine consumption and very low flow

Controlling of engine or generator consumption is a major concern for factories, transporters, property managers… TPS can propose a designed solution to show the consumption by direct of differential (entry-return fuel) consumption measurements.

Very high flow rates

For large installation like ship offloading, water treatment plant or bulk transfer, TPS will assist you to get reliable data with robust equipments.